Fabulous Renovated Newlands 13′ Retro Caravan for Sale

Completely renovated from the ground up in 2011/12. Only used on bitumen roads since. No Off-Roading. Ideal for couple or sole traveller. Totally set up for free camping and can be independent of water or power for at least 4 nights.

Below Floor Renovation.

  • New 60 x 6.5mm x 6 leaf springs plus bushes.
  • New brake mechanisms and pads plus new wheel bearings.
  • New 91 litre water tank with fittings plus single inline filter return to sink tap.
  • Replaced manual pump on sink with electric inline pump.
  • Inlet inline filter for tank from outside filler.
  • Tyres with very good tread. Spare wheel with cover.

Exterior Renovation.

  • Roof: All old paint stripped back to metal with all gaps sealed.
  • Penetrol primer and 3 applications of “Barrier Shield” special ceramic heat resistant metal roof paint for caravans. Totally dry inside.
  • New extended tow bar A frame fitted with new hitch coupling and Stabilizer towing kit with lift bars.
  • New Gas pipes, connectors and regulator installed and tested for leaks with certificate of compliance given.
  • Complete re-spray painting of exterior panels.
  • Two Custom built aluminium storage trunks fore and aft, for all outdoor gear (included).
  • ‘Happy Wanderer’ TV antenna and PVC pole.

Interior Renovation.

  • All interior panelling (ceilings, walls and cupboards) completely stripped and replaced with new “Flecked Maple” panels and joiners.
  • All walls and ceiling insulated with 40mm Polystyrene foam between ribs.
  • All suspect ribs removed and replaced.
  • All windows completely removed and resealed with new rubbers. All window winder mechanisms replaced with new mechanisms.

Click here for photos.

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